SL Energy Storage

Helping the Pacific Northwest store and use more renewable energy

The Swan Lake Energy Storage Project is a critical part of the transition to a 100% clean electrical grid. Swan Lake will drastically increase storage capacity for renewables like wind and solar—creating a reliable way to store and use renewable energy when it’s needed.

What does Pumped Storage mean for Oregon and the Region?

Creating thousands of family-wage jobs in Klamath County, Oregon.

Investing $1 billion+ in Southern Oregon communities during the 3- to 5-year construction phase.

Replacing aging fossil fuel plants with modern, clean technology that will help Oregon meet its climate goals.

Delivering affordable, clean energy to homes and businesses for generations to come.

Community and Economic Benefits

Green Jobs

Creating 3,000 family-wage jobs and boosting the local economy in Klamath County

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Benefiting working families and generating annual tax revenue to support schools, roads, and public services

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Using renewable energy and storage to combat climate change

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A safe, reliable, and environmentally sound way to meet clean energy needs, grow Oregon’s economy, and create thousands of new jobs.